I Fight Lions Splendid EP

I Fight Lions is the current project of musician / producer Hywel Pitts.

Hywel began his musical career in 2005 with  ‘The Dirty Words’, and then went on to play with ‘After An Alibi’. He now writes and performs under the name ‘I Fight Lions’, and is often joined live and in the studio by a number of talented local musicians, including Rhys Evans, David Thomas and Robert Holding.

Inspired by the music that “excites (him)  lyrically..” such as the Arctic Monkeys, OK Go and Brand New – I Fight Lions has created an album that has “enough energy for people to perk up and listen …”

Carousels’ is a rattling good song . It has a blizzard of zany, toon-town percussion that envelopes the entire piece, whilst zig-zagging guitars whisk up a helter-skelter of driving rhythms that bleed your ears and make your feet twitch. This is cheerful chaos. And insanely delicious.

I Should Quit’  bumps and grinds. Self-possessed vocals vie for attention with fuzzy guitars, as they cluster around the exhausting battery of sounds. The vocals shine, and are salty and sweet. And these are perched atop the nexus of clinging sounds that writhe and squirm beneath.

Frankie Goes to San Fernando Valley’ has a faintly ‘Balkan’ feel to it. Riskily danceable, palpably Eastern. This song is full of pitter-patter rhythms and huge production – it is put together with tumbling guitars and zithering dreams. The chorus insistently delves deep into your eardrums.

The churning guitars and steaming vocals in ‘Domestics & Diet Pills’ carry you away. This has a proto-punk feeling to it (like something from Ducks Deluxe), but it is richly decorated with flourishes of abundant drum-work and increasingly loud guitars. A lacy low feed sound heralds the culmination of a stimulating climax that flounces into view like a stripper on the take.

This is a completely exhilarating and addictive EP, with production values that artfully capture the energetic nature of a live performance. Worth taking a listen.

– © Neil_Mach September 2012 –



Splendid, by I Fight Lions will be available for digital download from October 1st

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