Oxford Limbo Kids Wanderlust EP

Limbo Kids is the current project of Oxford’s songwriting partnership Mark Stephenson & James Hitchman. After spending recent years working separately, the duo re ignited their partnership last year in their self-proclaimed ‘Limbo Loft’, where they recorded two well received demo songs – one of which (‘Heartshots’) was chosen as the number 1 track (by an O-Town artist) in a 2011 end-of-year list created by promoter Daisy Rodgers.

The duo have now put together a 3 track EP  titled ‘Wanderlust.’  The recording has two tracks produced by Trophy Wife’s   Kit Monteith & Andrew Halford (‘Heartshots’ and ‘Wanderlust’),  recorded at the newly opened  Safehouse Studios in Oxford.

The title track also includes a guest appearance by Rose Dagul (Rhosyn) on cello, and Ollie Thomas (ex-Ute and Old Grinding Young ) on vocals.  The 3rd EP track, the self-produced song ‘Desire’ was recorded at the Limbo Loft.  The Limbo Kids have recently been championed as a band to watch out for by Hugo Manuel (Chad Valley, Jonquil)

The Limbo Kids debut EP ‘Wanderlust’ is out November 12th (On digital release.)

We had an early listen to the Wanderlust EP and here’s what we thought:

Heartshots’ begins with sparkling glitter candles in a forest of twanging sound. Then the rhythmically congruous  “Shot to the heart …”  vocals corkscrew out like a chain from a toothed wheel sprocket. Greasy organ notes are patiently expelled like the final globs of toothpaste from the tube. Vocals reawaken memories of Sheila B. Devotion. And then, as the rhythms gather and start to perform their magic, your baggy pants really start to flap, and you find yourself heading to the dance floor and spinning with the rest of them.

Wanderlust’ is much colder. It is like stepping into a permafrost ice bar with  a swarm of snow bees buzzing round your brow. A liquidly smooth cello (Rhosyn) winds itself ornately around the glazed notes, gently ticking rhythms and tenderly layered vocals. Restful, atmospheric and unpolluted.

Desire’ grows like a futuristic moon-flower on the laboratory shelf. It has a low and impudent bass that prods and pushes against the thin fabric of voices.  Then a secondary rattle of rhythms plunks, blinks and stutters alongside, creating a fluttering snow globe of euphoric tones. Thin and glamorous.

– © Neil_Mach October 2012



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