Desire Tinged with Anxiety — New Music Video by KORBEE for Great Escape

KORBEE, comprising of Tom Korbee & Jenn Korbee, are a pop/rock, singer/songwriting duo in the vein of Coldplay meets Lady Antebellum.

They came together in 2013 after writing and performing as the trio Korbee Jones with Daniel Jones of Savage Garden.

Their latest EP titled “Great Escape” is an amalgam of every world they’ve come from… And every world they are travelling towards.

It features performances by Tim Pierce (Springsteen, Kelly Clarkson, Santana), Stevie Blacke (P!nk, Rhianna, Madonna) and Marc Slutsky (Splender).

The new songs speak of the difficulties, concerns and the euphoria of forging a new path while delivering familiar pop/rock sounds that you are gonna love.

Great Escape (Acoustic) - Single - Korbee
Great Escape (Acoustic) – Single – Korbee

We have been listening to Great Escape (the acoustic version) which was self-produced and mixed by Grammy award-winning producer, Jared Lee Gosselin:

Accompanied by a tribal thud,  the sparkling voice of Jenn spills out, faltering.

This is quickly followed by the sandy vocals of Tom. These are leather and dust. Dry as a cactus fire.

The song is full of desire, although tinged with anxiety.

As if closing tight one’s eyes and wishing hard enough will make things happen.

Here is an unblemished beat-style folk-pop song with clappy tendencies… It is fully-rounded and never loses hope…

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©

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