Brave The Night is the project of New York folk/blues singer songwriter Matt Bravmann.

His new album ‘Mind on Fire’ will be issued next week.

Brave The Night - beauty mixed with despair...
Brave The Night – beauty mixed with despair…

We had a listen:

The album begins with the blatantly weepy “Window To The World.”

The voice is mellow yellow. This song is part plaintive music hall. Part sulky Elton John .

The song title and the attitude of the next track  ‘It’s A Long Way To California’ reminded us of The Mamas & the Papas.

This has rattan rhythms and honey humming chorus.

A simple guitar shines-out perfectly. But otherwise the accompaniment is stark. To make room for the bright vocal tones of this yellow-orange song and the splendid performance on piano.

There is clawing sadness here, without being tense or disagreeably dissonant. Reminding us of the work of Bobby Russell. This is filled with glossy aesthetic grace.

Title track ‘Mind On Fire’ is poetic and melancholic. Optimistic in temperament.

The piano chuckles along nicely (like a river) and the guitar shines out its fluid lines.

Overall, this is a song performed with strong melodic foundations and with a catchy chorus.

If you like the idea of beauty mixed with despair and, perhaps, you seek redemption through the art of skilful songrwiting and beauty through a truly wonderful voice, then you will love this attractive, controlled and polished album.

The voice reminded us of English folk rock singer Passenger and the untapped love and attention to detail reminded us of the song-writing skills of Carole Bayer Sager.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©

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