Hardships by NADIA NAIR— Facing Adversity has Never Been so Deep & Juicy

The half Swedish, half Malaysian-Indian songstress Nadia Nair tends to bend genres and obscure boundaries with her music.

She magically weaves together pop sheen, psychedelic experimentalism, electronic rhythm and world music spiciness to create her memorable works.

She creates powerfully emotional song-bursts that bristle with clever harmonies and fearless, eager hearted vocals.

Of course, no order or pattern can be connected to creative thought processes, so classification is not important.

Instead, the listener should focus on the tone and the style, the rhythms and textures and, above all  — the creative voice — of  this amazing musician.

Nadia Nair - Vocals, deep and juicy - like a plum soaked in liqueur....
Nadia Nair – Vocals, deep and juicy – like a plum soaked in liqueur….

We have been listening to her recent ‘Hardships’ — it’s all about facing up to adversity:

Stomping drums, silky synths and a dreamlike setting all help to ensure that the ‘Rich and Rare’ voice remains the focal point.

It is spectacularly smooth, deep and juicy  — like a plum soaked in liqueur.

The rough-beat is vital,  and the lyric is brave and convincing.

This song is full of intelligent features and bold slickness, yet does not withdraw from its inherent grace and stunning fluidity.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/Nadianairmusic



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