Alex Kelly Catalyst Video

Alex Kelly is an American singer/songwriter born in Queens New York. Alex met Robby Takac (Goo Goo Dolls), who hand-picked her as lead singer and co-writer for his electro-pop side band, Amungus (2007.)  After three years under Takac’s musical influence, Alex eagerly channeled her energies into her first solo project.

Alex released her debut EP ‘Sticky Butterfly’, in spring 2010. For her live show, Alex Kelly with DJ Lopro and pILLOW tHEORY’s Kelsey Warren on guitar, formed an eclectic electro-rock trio. In June 2012 released her first full-length album entitled ‘Orange Circle’. To expand on her sound, Alex collaborated with Kelsey Warren and engineer Justin Rose. The sassy dance-rock title track “Orange Circle”, was the first single ( released in May 2012).

The stunning New York City-based electro-pop singer Alex Kelly now releases her new music video for “Catalyst,” the second single from her album “Orange Circle”.

Here’s what we thought of the video:

This video shows a torrid love affair blossoming between two lovers, which of course, causes the heat to rise, and a potent mix of chemicals to become released. “Catalyst” describes the type of flammable chemical reaction that occurs when two lovers, like these, get their vapours mixed. It can be highly explosive.

In the song, a dull erogenous beat bumps along the melody in a manfully frotting fashion. Then synthy strings start becoming edgy,  and a series of succulent quadratic vocals move themselves in frenzy towards the fabulously flashy guitars. All the while, a low rumbling bass causes your rivets to shake loose, and your ears to steam. It is that spanking hot. .

This video will quickly tarnish your specs, and make your bulb unexpectedly explode. It is disorderly. A melting, sinful mix. A hot (as in hot) hot tub sequence will take away your breath. And we also enjoyed the mud wrestling and the chocolate body-art etching at the end.

All we ask is that Alex thinks about the consequences of boiling a kettle in that state of skimpy undress. If the health and safety gets hold of this video, she could be in lots of trouble!

-© Neil_Mach November 2012 –



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