KELLI ALI — Band Of Angels

Kelli Ali (b. Kelli Dayton, 30 Jun 1974, in England), is a singer-songwriter. Well known for her distinctive vocals, as lead singer, on Sneaker Pimps’ ‘Becoming X’ / 6 Underground.

Kelli’s first independent album, a collection of dark modern dream folk songs, was “Rocking Horse” (Nov ‘08, DIY & One Little Indian). It was produced by Max Richter (composer of “The Blue Notebooks” & “Memoryhouse” / producer of Vashti Bunyan’s “Memoryhouse”) and has received widespread critical acclaim.

In 2009, Kelli recorded and produced her Butterfly album with her partner Metso.

Butterfly is an acoustic album which came about through Kelli’s desire to capture the songs from her Rocking Horse album in their metamorphosis as she and her band reworked the songs for the live stage show. This is Kelli’s second independent release which is sold through her website and online.

Her earlier solo albums, Tigermouth and Psychic Cat saw Kelli move from the trip-hop influences of her first successful band Sneaker Pimps, to a more dreampop electronic sound.

Kelli is now working on her next album ‘Band of Angels’.  She is asking for your help to make it the best.

She says that ‘Band of Angels’ will be different in every sense, from her other records.

“This will be the first time that I have endeavoured to create a full studio album collaborating with various artists as opposed to one main producer and I am extremely excited to be working in this way. Based around my daydream vision of dark angels and vampire bikers, my Band of Angels album will be a journey into the dark heart of a fallen angel.”

The fine people at PledgeMusic have made it possible for you to become part of the creation of this album.You can follow the progress of the album, by having access to daily updates, demos, pictures and film clips, only available to Pledgers.

All Pledgers receive the album before it is released commercially. You can have your name in the album credits or buy various one off items that Kelli is selling personally.

Click here for more info about how to support Kelli with PledgeMusic:


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