A Primitive Evolution – The Prize Video

Toronto’s  ‘A Primitive Evolution’ are characterized by their raw, honest musical output and visionary “Alice in Wonderland-esque” music videos.  A rock act that puts in effort and passion in all ways and all directions.

“The Prize” is their new full-length album, and the music video for “Lord of Reason” has just been released.

A Primitive Evolution short

We listened to ‘The Prize’ and here’s what we thought:

Lord of Reason’ begins with a roaring beam of sound spiralling in, then a disdainful voice that sneers against the belting – yet wickedly sardonic – soundscape. The vocal careers around the biosphere like a rattled beast. A clash of cymbals introduces the burning chorus – the door is opened – and in pours a beautiful flaming mouth of sounds.

I Feel It All’ is a model of crunchy sounds. Filled with gritty texture and tatty fabric. The pattern of the song is familiar, with generous acoustic guitar accompaniment. It all feels rather altruistic.

The Prize’ begins with countryish guitar sounds and a relaxing melody. Strings are lightly gathered, and appear small and silvery light. And the voice is taught and refined. The harmony, when it comes, is heavenly warm, soft and radiant. Great stuff. Full of quality and refinement.

– © Neil_Mach April 2013 –

Check  A Primitive Evolution out here: http://www.facebook.com/aprimitiveevolution





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