The Chapman Family – This One’s For Love

The Chapman Family are an English alternative rock band from Stockton-on-Tees. They formed in 2006.

The Family return with their first full release since the critically acclaimed ‘Cruel Britannia EP’ in 2012: The new single,  ‘This One’s For Love’, represents a new side to the band, inspired by the melancholy tenderness of The Cure but with an irresistibly hopeful tone.

Improbable romantics – they may be – but this is a song of unashamed optimism and an astonishing pop sensibility that strips away all the preconceived schmaltzy notions of a “Love Song”.

chapman family small

We had a listen.  Here’s what we thought:

Starting with the resigned notion that “I’d lost hope …..  I’d lost faith…” the voice of Kingsley Chapman is a mad mix of sad powder sauce and coal tar stickiness.

But that is the only glum thing you will find in this otherwise optimistic affair. Made up from infinitely layered and lofty sounds,  with a heady galloping beat (and Celtic impulses) the mooning guitars ride over ridges over silver, leaving you barely able to sigh and gasp at the brilliant wonder of it all. The chorus is rampant and elegant. This is fruity pop stuff, full of gummy sherbet fizz.

– © Neil_Mach April 2013 –


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