The Animal Farm is a forward thinking independent music company whose 360 range of services include artist management, booking agency, record production, record label and music publishing.

They are hosting a showcase at The Great Escape in Brighton on Friday 17th May at The Fishbowl. The line up, in order of appearance, is The Manic Shine, Beat The Poet, Athletes In Paris, iremembertapes. and Sunset Strip Club.

The Manic ShineThe Manic Shine – 7:00 pm

The Manic Shine are a four-piece rock band from the north of London. They are unlike anything you have heard before. With a vast sound that binds progressive alt/rock with atmospheric synth noise  – they combine incredible guitar solos with time signature changes and a heart-pounding groove –  to deliver an intoxicating wall of metamorphic rock art.

This year they are busy supporting their fan-funded album ‘Let Go Or Be Dragged’.

Songs like ‘Tin Crown Kings’ are as delicate and nimble-fingered as they are destructively sharp and detrimentally infectious. On this track, a sinfully scorching guitar sneers its way through the verse, just before bursting into the pack of stars and brazen shapes that is the chorus  – which explodes into full-blown view. Bass notes are burnished and bright –  and the voice has an espresso-flavoured corona to it –  while the drums have a penetrating intensity to them that whips up your energies and stokes the fire.
— © Neil Mach May 2013 —


Beat The Poet – 7:45 pm

Beat The Poet’s debut single ‘Kerb Crawling Love’ has now been released. We had a listen:

It is a dark sludgy affair, but it incorporates a whiff of a black leather bomber and a crepe-soled rocking edginess to it. It’s as if Arthur Fonzarelli had been heavily influenced by Tubeway Army… Slightly bleak, slightly down-at-heel and faded. Yet the song still retains the misty eyed hope of Brylcreem in a jar,  and the twang of Gretsch on the sidewalk. — © Neil Mach May 2013 —




Athletes in Paris

Athletes In Paris – 8:30 pm

Athletes In Paris come from the Northeast and sing in an accent that -they suggest – is too broad for anyone outside a 50 mile radius of Sunderland to fully comprehend!

Their idiosyncratic, danceable indie-pop sound is induced by two drummers, chanted gang-vocals and frantic guitar-work. They may make you realize that they could be the missing link between Sting, Prefab Sprout and Katy Perry.



i remember tapes


Influenced by dark new wave and bright modern electronica, The “iremembertapes” are a modern mash-up of atmospheric synths, melodic indie guitar riffs and sharp electro beats that you can rock-out to.

This electro-indie trio seamlessly integrate synths and drum samples into otherwise great ‘indie’ songs. Deep layering in the choruses and catchy melodic verses exemplify the bands’ multitude of influences. Their explosive stage presence urges bubbling crowds to burst onto the dance floor.

The band grew up around Winchester playing with various hardcore punk and metal bands. Then, in the autumn of 2011 the band released the single ‘Gossip’ to enthusiastic support from bloggers and radio shows alike.

On ‘Gossip’ a gusseted bass frolics as playfully as a kitten-cat around synths that are as smooth and silky as a malinki mink reclining on a slinky bed. The ultra-sharp drum machine is as fierce in its corrective manner as a stiff school ma’am with more cane than patience.  And Tom Ferry’s voice is charmingly reminiscent of those delectable 80’s hey-hey days when we all had loadsa money … and the time to spend it.  This is staggeringly powerful yet gently nostalgic. All at once.   — © Neil Mach May 2013 —

2012 saw the release of their impressive debut album ‘Human Architecture’ in the UK – and across the world.


Sunset Strip Club

The Sunset Strip Club – 10:00 pm

The Sunset Strip Club are a pop/rock band who jacked in the grit and greyness of the north of England and wound up in the glitz and glamour of the French Riviera.

Joe, Damo, Chris and Simon met in the mid noughties as school mates in Hull. Gigging on the toilet circuit brought interest from managers, labels and publishers. Tours with The Automatic, Little Comets, Orson, The Hoosiers, The 1975, Florence and the Machine and even Peter Andre (Yes!) lead them up the usual garden path … until someone had an Eureka moment and exclaimed: “Let’s move to Nice!”

Setting up shop as the French Riviera’s premier party band introduced the northern oiks to a different lifestyle of pleasure and… well, mainly pleasure. There’s a lot you can do in Hull before soundcheck, but you can’t go jet skiing. Playing at the Adelphi has its perks, but so does performing at Russian oligarchs’ weddings in Monte Carlo.

This change of lifestyle inspired the quartet to develop a unique style of radio friendly pop that sounds new, exciting and fresh, combining the poeticism of Dry The River with a The Killers-esque instinct to go for the jugular and a European je ne sais quoi.

‘Einstein’s Theory’ has a collection of dainty jewel-box sounds that ornament the obliquely soothing tom-toms. Then a strident vocal rises like a mast-head from the foam.  This song is long on lathers –  and it soaks like a bloater in the bath house.  Languorously, it gently soothes away the aches & pains of the day and it relaxes all those pent-up anxieties. You can sleep now. And put away your fake addictions. Well, at least till morning.
— © Neil Mach May 2013 —


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