King Kartel Not Done Fighting

4-piece Manchester/Northern Ireland-based indie rockers King Kartel have had over 27,000 hits for their STONE COLD KILLER animated music video. [See below.] This song has the lush pop-oriented bounciness of  The Vaccines – combined with the familiar trippy  imagery of  The Beatles . The joyous celebration of Madchester culture is a splendid slice of majestic layers. The feel good anthem is gloriously uplifting and has a deep-rooted sense of it’s own nostalgia.

King Kartel shortIn between shows at Ruby Lounge/Amplified Bar King Kartel have been busy working on their debut EP ‘Not Done Fighting’  (scheduled for release  October 1st).

We have heard the title track ‘Not Done Fighting’. Here’s what we thought:

A tangle of overjoyed and radiant chords – with frantic drums – drives this song along with a bumpy speed, into headlong devotion.

The sixties-inspired, slightly tie dyed floppiness of the lyrics speak of a deep affection –  bordering onto  dangerous obsession. It’s  all about an overdue struggle for unrequited love.

The song could be too sweet and too creamy butter-smooth for some ears.  But stick with it, because you willl be rewarded. It has an angelic face… but it also has a devilish kick to it. The exquisite vocal harmonies on the chorus (almost a cappella) are so lush and so intoxicating that you will feel groggy with enlightenment. 

This is a sublime anthem.  It has a blinding star quality.  The experience is like being shot in the gut by a glitter-cannon.

– © Neil_Mach July 2013 –




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