InMe Form Centiment

InMe members including frontman Dave McPherson have formed a new tech-metal project called Centiment.

CentimentTheir debut album ‘Streets of Rage’ will be released in February to coincide with the band touring the UK. Tour dates will be announced shortly.

Centiment describe their sound as a hybrid mix of insane metal, frantic vocals spanning sweet melodies, demonic screams of urgency & everything in-between plus a military-tight rhythm section.

We listened to their first track ‘Zero Tolerance’. Here’s what we thought:

This is a desperate chaos filled charnel house full of bubbling fluid decomposition and chatting rodent-like voices that gnaw around the backbone of rhythm.

The melodic spirits soon come alive – and then guitars beautifully sparkle and flare between the bony framework of vibrations.

The vocals are repugnant, prescient and highly incensed. The instructions are clear:  “If there’s one thing to believe / It’s Yourself …” The sentiment fills-up any lingering vacuum like a demonic plague might fill an empty tomb.

The song is a valuable ossuary – and bodes well for future works.

– © Neil_Mach November 2013 –


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