Alice Brightsky

Singer-songwriter Alice Brightsky (Stopkoski) has been in bands before, but it wasn’t until she was solo under the spotlight that she found the core of her sound. With vocals that can come off only soothing to the first-time listener, but wise with an edge to those with an ear, Alice has been entrancing music goers through her lilting melodies that coat her meticulous guitar strumming.

Alice Brightsky shortAlice has just released her new focus track “Up Up and Away” from her debut solo album “Box Of Me

We had a listen:

Fortunately, this is not the 5th Dimension song, but it is just as easy on the fins.

Against pinnate strumming and finger-clicks, the slightly effervescent and almost oily voice of Alice fire-flashes out and loops the loop like a satin ribbon.

The silky voice goes down low, until it touches the bottom of your heart.

At other times, the vocal jumps skylark high – taking your passions to the Milky Way.

This is a very nice song – full of twists, re-narratives and purring fantasies.

– © Neil Mach 2014 –




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