Batsch Collared

Coventry (UK) based pop band Batsch release their second EP ‘Collar’ on 14th July as digital download and limited cassette on Tin Angel Records.

Collar’ is a reaction to the sparkle of classic disco music – it is a beguiling mixture of seductive indie and pop. The distinctive Batsch sound has moved on from their debut EP ‘Tiles’ released earlier this year – turning up the heat all the way to “gutter-glamour”.

Batsch smallFirst track on ‘Collar’ is ‘Celina.’

This has a lot of jazz riffs, and an out-of-kilter vocal from Mason Le Long. The vocal passages – and even the jerking piano parts – seem almost squeamish.

And this gradually forms into a shiny flustering of tinselly streamers. The entire piece spreads out quickly and soon swings right into your inner ear.

A grubby bass-line adds meat to the enthusiastic rhythm, and there are a lot of fabulous percussive forms to be found.

Rumbling spires of drum, shimmering bells and even steel-pan jiggles, all vie for your attention.

The whole ‘Celina’ piece concludes with some military-grade snare and even a jumble of finger-clicks.

Next song ‘22’ has a beautifully low, chewy bass-sound. With a splendidly cantankerous hard-candy accompaniment.

This song – about how to handle freedom (at Age 22) – is skillfully rolled, shaped and molded.

The soda sounds are highly danceable. But there’s more here than just dance-pop – this is a full jazz piece.

Complete, with the type of instrumental gymnastics, virtuosic improvisation and stunning elegance you’d expect from the likes of Miles Davis.

Can’t Tell’ has a tangled beginning. And, yes, we were reminded of the first prog-rock of the 1970’s.

A strange Japanese-style jingle is included. The keynotes are spat out with precision. Squeezed into position with the precision of a secure hand pipette artist … wisely exercised.

The shy main vocal (reminiscent of Jarvis Cocker) is authorized to rummage around within the chosen space. But it remains sealed inside a bottle of juicy rhythms.

This is clever and artful. Finely woven. And immensely lively.

@neilmach © 2014




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