Colombian-American performer Allison Strong (recently seen appearing as Casey in the Broadway production of ‘Under My Skin’) is a beautiful young artist and a prolific song writer.

She is releasing her new single “One and Only,” from her upcoming album Hacia El Sol.

Allison Strong shortWe had a listen:

This starts out gaspy. With a sultry, warm breath.

Allison’s vocals are thoroughbred. And the clever lyrics are well articulated. With a ripple of real meat running through their veins.

There is strength here.

Allison shows, with this song, that folk music does not necessarily have to be all about fragility, flippy-floppy hippiness or floating fluffiness.

She proves that folk songs can be supplied with drive and determination. And with business attitude.

Soon the song picks up some more. It really gets moving.

Like a Wall Street worker-bee striding the streets in the early morning. To hustle and bustle. At this point, the vocal starts to climb and shine.

And the dramatic expression and the thespian confidence takes hold properly. And things get very exciting.

The chorus is cheery. The accompaniments – from piano and guitar – are subtle and cunning. And that voice continues to move forward … right up to the final, touching, notes.

This is a wonderful song.

It will give you energy … but it will also soothe your frayed ‘Big City’ nerves.

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