Edens March of Miles

Aussie outfit Edens March have announced the release of their new single ‘Miles Away.’

The single is taken from a new EP (to be released later this year), full of indie pop melodies.

Recorded with producer Adrian Breakspear (The Script, The Kooks) and mastered by Robin Schmidt, the disc offers a combination of upbeat catchy guitars and drums, with several musical interludes show-casing the different elements of the band.

Edens March HQ BWWe listed to ‘Miles Away’:

This is bleached blue, with celestial drums and agitated –  yielding – guitars.

David’s voice has the brilliance and clarity of realization.

He reaches high – like a giant of cosmic proportions – to grab at the stars.

The poetic beauty of this wonderful piece can not be underestimated.

And the changa-chang of those petitioning guitars – and the thunder of the drums at the closure – these will invite you to hit replay.

Again and again.

@neilmach © 2014



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