Tara Delivers Beast

After being supported by Indie Shuffle, Irish Daily Star, The Irish Times and The Unsigned Guide Review to name a few, Dublin/London based Tara Stewart  is now going to release her long-awaited new single “Beast.”

With roots in Australian, Irish and Indian music, Tara knows exactly how to combine her unique cultural influences – to create a real treat for every listener.

Tara shortWe listened to her sweet new single (out 28th of July) :

Opposing –  yoyoying –  pinpricks of light create a tense rhythm for the “Beast.”

Then a vocal yowls in.

This is encircled by endless silvery wiggles.

The wiggles collapse, untamed.  Like the wild curls of a peroxide blonde student on a hot ‘n’ steamy night.

A denser pulse is created by some razor-sharp drumming and tiny sparklets of guitar.

And a dirty bass adds a blur of grubbiness to the iron-pelted rhythms.

But it is those shivery fairy vocals that will entrance you…

They will magically trap you inside their overcupping petalwork.

All of this is accomplished with precision.

And pure, unadulterated, shine.

@neilmach © 2014




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