Never Wanted Wild Smiles

Winchester (UK) rockers Wild Smiles will release their brilliant debut album, Always Tomorrow (Sunday Best Recordings) on 27th October.

The fast-rising trio, comprising brothers Chris and Joe Peden with drummer Ben Cook, will release their new single, Never Wanted This, ahead of the album on 18th August.

The band will tour throughout the summer, taking in festival dates.

We listened to the new single:

A contagious, grubby beat bobs along like a waverider buoy on choppy water.

It’s not quite grungy. Clearer and more thoughtful than that. But it comes from the same place.

There are some snarling guitars. And some low-down, dirty antipathy found in the lyrics.

It seems to be about retrospective reflection on the sacrifices given – to get into a relationship.

We all have to make some compromises. But must we dare risk losing everything – just to earn the chance?

So the chorus is introspective. And it is infinitely more regretful than the verse. Angry too. It exposes pain – held back by false smiles and fleeting pleasantries.

It’s the truth. Peeled.

This is a neat little pop song. Cruel, sour. And –  frankly –  toxic.

@neilmach © 2014






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