Relentless Delight of Cajsa

Stockholm Sweden based Cajsa Siik has been described as a mix between Daughter, Kate Bush and Bats For Ashes.

She has has recently been picked up to have her music played on US TV shows The Michael J Fox Show, Awkward, Degrassi and Ravenswood.

“Relentless Delight” – her new single – will be released on September 1st

Cajsa Siik short
Cajsa Siik – “Lusciously pampered vocals … honey-golden and smooth”

We had an early listen:

A rumbled cortification of coarsely chopped and oxidized, siliceous layers, creates a trimming of rumble-strip sounds for the lusciously pampered vocals to snuggle within.

The keys and drums help to create a wonderfully dramatic scene – and shunt along the rhythm.

The voice – reminds us of “Foxes” – it is honey-golden, smooth.

It is wonderfully sparged – it seems as if it has been fed through various porous accompaniments like a bubble diffuser.

The fans-like chorus opens out – creating an open space – swept by a tide of beautiful white light.

This is adorable. And hypnotic.

@neilmach © 2014




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