Fabrício Peçanha Loves a Sunset

Hailing from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul in Southern Brazil, Fabrício Peçanha has secured himself the accolade as one of Brazil’s biggest DJs.

He is now primed to develop an already burgeoning reputation across the rest of the globe.

Fabrício’s mastery in the studio is matched by his skills as a DJ.

He has wowed crowds on world-leading floors like Cocoon in Frankfurt, Avalon in Los Angeles and Space in Ibiza.

Fabrício opened for Lady Gaga, Madonna and Fat Boy Slim during their respective tours of Brazil.

FABRÍCIO PEÇANHA - Accumulating handclap rhythms and short bassy moans...
FABRÍCIO PEÇANHA – Accumulating handclap rhythms and short bassy moans…

We checked out the new track ‘Love Like A Sunset‘:

The left-right marching beat grabs your knicker elastic right from the start – pulling you along – helplessly.

Then the thing accumulates momentum with handclap rhythms and short bassy moans.

Soon, the fabric of the rhythm reveals a subtle vocalization.

This is a sweltering remix of the French indie rock band Phoenix’s 2009 release.

Everyone loves the sight of the sun breaking down – especially if it degrades gently into the sea whilst we are dancing.

Even better, though, is the warm sun that rises in the morning … we look towards the dawn … and we’re still going strong!

This nicely expresses that attitude –  Time spent in sweet harmony with the natural rhythms of our planet.

@neilmach © 2014
Main photo by Franco Rodrigues




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