Cocoa Futures Scotland

Cocoa Futures is a new dance-pop band from Scotland via Tottenham, London UK.

They have just released their latest single ‘Scotland‘ – we had a listen:

Cocoa Futures - a big dollop of high-school energy...
Cocoa Futures – a big dollop of high-school energy…

Take the award-winning protest song from Labi Siffre – “(Something Inside) So Strong” – thump a big drum along with this fabulous melody – squeeze a few notes from a wheezy organ (courtesy Zoe) – then start rattling a beat that sounds like an escape of pigeons from the loft … well, that’s “Scotland” by Cocoa Futures.

Layers of threadlike velvet guitars (from Jack) coil through those luscious rhythms – and the voice of vocalist / bassist Greg is light, fresh and immature.

Yet the whole thing trundles along nice and rushy … like a schoolgirl in a hurry not to miss her bus in the morning.

With words like “My lovely mountain, the days are counting’  reminding us (very much) of Ted and Dougal’s Song for Europe – (“My Lovely Horse”) – we prefer to think that the “Scotland” lyrics are satirical.

But anyway, the track has a certain charm and contains more than a big dollop of high-school energy.  And, of course, it is kinda catchy.

Not so much dance-punk – more like a low-level infiltration into the brain using merry voices, sprightly beats and cheerful, dear sweetness.

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