For C Duncan

Christopher Duncan aka C Duncan has released his debut single, ‘For’ – taken from a forthcoming LP … due next year.

The piece is blissful, warm, and full of charm, rolling and lulling with the shimmering grace of the seaside referenced in its lyrics. And yet it is unmistakably Glaswegian, imbued with the same sharp ear for melody as, say, Belle & Sebastian or Camera Obscura or The Pastels, and witty in its own right.

Christopher wrote and recorded his album alone in his Glasgow flat on a bedroom studio setup, gradually adding each layer and each instrument one at a time, building up the breadth of the pieces.

Though time-consuming, the process allowed for Christopher to lovingly assemble the intricacies and subtleties for this astonishingly intricate and subtle collection of music.

C Duncan - the voice hides a strange and longing regret...
C Duncan – the voice hides a strange and longing regret…

We had a listen:

Nestled between stringy noodles of guitar –  the delicate harmonies evolve gently with waves of handclaps and whistles.

The pith remains – no matter how angelic or loving the accompanying sounds could be – the voice hides a strange and longing regret.

Gentle folk-rock, with sweet mooncakes of heavenly sound, to brighten up a dank day.

@neilmach © 2014


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