AViVAA Opens Crystal Eyes

Sydney indie-electronic duo AViVAA (Aviva Payne and Matais Coulter) are back again with their third single ‘CRYSTALEYES’.

After the success of their first two singles ‘Reel Me In’ and ‘XX’ AViVAA return with their next treat. We couldn’t wait to have a listen.

Since their formation, the duo have continued to explore the limitless depths of their combined creativity, drawing influence from different corners of music.

AViVAA branch away from their usual minimalist style with ‘CRYSTALEYES’ delivering a full bodied electronic sound extracted from a world of dark electronic beats and industrialized synth, balanced by the stunningly complex vocal layers of Aviva Payne.

AViVAA - The voice is spooky - like a snow angel risen with a shiver and  in her heart...
AViVAA – The voice is spooky – like a snow angel risen with a shiver and in her heart…

Here’s what we thought:

An intrepid bass-note plods along under fragmented glass-chips – then the rhythm begins in earnest.

It boils at you like a frothy tar-pit – the darkness gurgles out – to dangerously lap at your feet.

The voice is sweet, innocent and almost cherubic.

But it is also remarkably spooky. Like a snow angel risen with a shiver – malice in her heart.

The latter parts of this wonderful brew create a swirling mixture of love-potions.

Enchanting and evocative.

@neilmach © 2014





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