The attractive band PALAYE ROYALE from Las Vegas, Nevada are currently touring the western United States on their #HighSchoolNation Tour after their single “Get Higher” took off.

The band are also preparing for their first full length album.

Palaye Royale - Slutty struty
Palaye Royale – Slutty struty

So we had a listen to the new single:

Imagine the slutty struty sexiness and the urgent blues-rock power of The Black Crowes in combination with the gritty smoke and the manly sleaze of the early Stones… and you come close to the sound of Palaye Royale.

Guitarist and organist Sebastian Danzig is remarkably chiseled and bears an uncanny resemblance to Jeff Beck as he changs at the strings.

Remington Leith is the frontman with the grainiest voice you have heard for a long while.

Emerson Barrett is the single cylinder mad-hatted thumper. And he sends the songs hurtling along.

We don’t quite know what’s going on with the Steampunk mixed-up  messages or the squeeze-box hugging. But we don’t really care… Because we love this all the same.

It’s about time we had a pop-rock band on the block who aren’t afraid to be sexually ambivalent, are cleverly ambitious and artistically sure-footed and can purvey classic rock sounds of this style, quality & substance.

Here they are.

Now watch them grow!!

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©
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