Empire of the Swanky Tiger

The first Swanky Tiger single “Empires,” from their forthcoming debut album dropped earlier this month and has already been featured on sites such as Indie Minded , The Vinyl District , and Faronheit .

Their previous EP – Electric Tiger – even earned them an honourable mention by The Deli Magazine in their “Best of NYC 2013 Poll for Emerging Artists” revival rock category.

Embracing complicated arrangements and orchestrations while still retaining that hard rock vibe, “Empires” was mastered at NYC’s legendary Cutting Room Studios, whose roster includes highly acclaimed artists such as Prince, We Are Augustines, and Iggy Pop.

We checked out “Empires” :

A vaguely familiar riff is scratched out by guitars that are buzzier than a whole nest of hornets.

The vocal deals out plaintive lines like rotten fruit, blistering through the skin of a sound. And all the while the bass thumps along.

The rhythms are sizzling hot, and efficient. The vocals are stimulating – though a bit dispirited – and the guitar work is beautifully crisp.

The final chorus has a grungy texture to it. And a smirk and an attitude that adds even more value to this very competent and quite complex composition.

@neilmach © 2014



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