Raw Ramp 2014 Music Quiz

East India Youth








Question 1: How many band members are in Bournemouth (UK) band East India Youth?

Young Fathers








Question 2: In 2014 this band won the Mercury Prize for their album Dead. But who are they?

Sun Kil Moon








Question 3: Which country does folk rock act Sun Kil Moon come from?

St Vincent








Question 4: “Annie” Clark or Anne Erin is also known as?

Lugs Ale








Question 5: This post-punk band released their first album in March 2014. An anagram of ‘Lugs Ale’ – who are they?

chef Rogers








Question 6: Chef Rogers has been cooking up Food and Shakes for us for sixteen years. But we know her better – mononymously – as?

Amethyst Kelly








Question 7: This Australian (Amethyst Kelly) released her album ‘The New Classic’ in 2014. It gained her four Grammy Award nominations. Who is she?

Lily and Louisa








Question 8: How are these two artists ‘related’ ?

Yukimi Nagano








Question 9: Yukimi Nagano is the lead singer of this band. Their name was earned due to her famously “fuming tantrums” – who are they?









Question 10: This famous songwriter and producer’s 2014 album only sold 530 copies in the UK! Even less in Australia. Who is he?

Lese Majesty








Question 11: This experimental hip-hop group – led by Ishmael Butler – is named after the mythical ancient scientist from Mecca who led his people into Africa. They released their second album in 2014. But which country are they from?









Question 12: Stefani Germanotta collaborated with this octogenarian singer (pictured right) in 2014. Who is he?

T J Kachingwe








Question 13: Her name means “God Is With Us” in her the Shona language (Zimbabwe.) She worked with ASAP Rocky in 2014 and also released her debut studio album. Who is she?

K R Ellestad








Question 14: “Giant in My Heart” is a song recorded by this Canadian artist in 2014. What is her stage name?

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