NÖME Eagles In

UK indie-pop foursome NÖME consisting of Rachel Still (vocals) Jack Fowles (lead guitar) George Ames (bass) and Kayleigh Cheer (drums) were formed in 2012.

They have released the new music video for their single “Eagle“.

NÖME - Intricate, weaving guitars & soft mallowy synths...
NÖME – Intricate, weaving guitars & soft mallowy synths…

We had a listen:

A throbbing heartbeat of rhythm percolates around this weepy.

Sparkling clear-water guitars offer up small diamonds of light – otherwise this is a swamp of sadness.

The only a glimmer of hope is the future (even then – it’s only after the “Eagle calls your name…”)

The accompaniment is a beautiful cradle of intricate, weaving guitars, soft mallowy synths. And drums that fall and rise in all the right places.

This song blossoms before you. And Rachel’s pastel voice will linger in your memory.

A wonderfully crafted tapestry of sounds and textures. With a voice that exceeds all expectations.

@neilmach 2015 ©




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