Rebecca Downes Goes Back

New UK Blues sensation Rebecca Downes is set to release her long-awaited debut album ‘Back To The Start’ worldwide February 9 via Real2Reel Records.

The singer based in the West Midlands is quickly establishing herself as one of the star attractions in the new vanguard of Blues players in the UK.

With her unique and powerful voice, drawing influences ranging from Blues and Soul to Jazz and Rock. Rebecca’s voice and performances have been, quite rightly, likened to such legendary artists as the full on Tina Turner, the bluesy feel of Etta James, and the raw power of Janis Joplin.

The material for the new album is all original, written by Rebecca with co-writer Steve Birkett, and includes ‘Basement Of My Heart’ released in 2014 on video.

Rebecca Downes - Vocals so inspiring they will open your heart...
Rebecca Downes – Vocals so inspiring they will open your heart…

We had a listen:

The album begins with the brilliant guitar-work on ‘Messed Up’ – and the voice of Rebecca is instantly gratifying.

It’s a mixture of flame and nitric acid.

This track has some beautifully sinuous organ and creative piano. But the powerful voice remains centre stage – what an incredible opener!

When I’m Bad’ is slightly more rakish.

A cool beat and a feast of rhythms push-along this trolley of delights.

This  has a great chorus and lyrics that can almost make you blush.

It is bad, beautiful, clean and oh-so natural.

Basement of My Heart’ seems as old as the crows that hang outside those Southern ante-bellum homes.

This song  is disturbing, eccentric and full of mossy shadows and hoodoo moonlight.

The only thing that lights up the darkness is that the swamp-torching voice. What passion!

The album ends with the wonderfully nostalgic ‘Little Girl’.

Jewel-like bites of guitar brighten the mood, and that velvety voice (this time it remains earthbound dark and low) wraps around your insides until it wrings-you-out.

You will feel… Sad all over!

Here is authentic and potent blues …with vocals so inspiring they will open up your heart…

You better light the flame!

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