Astrid’s Tea Party Black Swan

UK based electro-pop artist Astrid’s Tea Party’s rise in the music scene happened pretty quickly at the back end of 201.

Astrid was personally asked to support Saint Motel at their sold out London show in November.

Astrid’s Tea Party - The vocal shines pearlescently...
Astrid’s Tea Party – The vocal shines pearlescently…

Now she has released a new single titled “Black Swan” — we had a listen:

A groovy and ripe intro grabs your lapels right away — to drag you into the doorway of this song.

As you fumble in the half-light, a gloopy synth sashays down the side-walk right by you — dressed in sequined stars — it doesn’t give a second look.

The vocal shines pearlescently… as an energy-releasing chorus gradually grows strong and then you may realise the warning signs. Do not trust this blonde!

But by then it might be too late, she already took your heart and then she stole your bill-fold.

What we get here are plentiful and developing beats plus a wealth of admirable colourations. It’s a great song.

Wonderfully produced electro-rock with a moon-clear voice — created with a love for luxury iridescent surfaces.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©


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