Beth Spangler Audio Selfie

Beth Spangler, from Aiken, South Carolina was a contestant on NBC’s The Voice show (U.S. season 7)) where she received a chair turn from all four coaches.

This month she releases her debut EP “Audio Selfie” which includes the popular single, “Bigger Than Love.”

Beth Spangler - Her cute ‘n’ crazy voice makes shiny peaks over stubbled rhythms...
Beth Spangler – Her cute ‘n’ crazy voice makes shiny peaks over stubbled rhythms…

We had a listen:

Recorded with the production MATRAX team (R. Kelly) with producer Chris Henderson — this EP starts with the mixed-up ‘Mumble.’

This is a chirpy number, filled with flares, scribbles and half-heard whispers.

Beth’s cute ‘n’ crazy voice makes shiny peaks over stubbled rhythms.

But the vocal is acidic too — so it cuts across like lemonade jam. Fine pop and tumble.

Like a Bird’has beautiful piano and an incredible beat.

This is like being caught in a hall of mirrors and half-glimpsing a semi-hexagonal version of yourself … familiar yet strangely perplexing at the same time.

It’s an escape and release the song: “I’m flying away from you…” But it’s an intricate maze of sounds too… These seem to suggest that the longed-for release is not gonna be as easy as first seems. And the vocal, though rascally, is jaded by that realization.  An amazing song!

Bigger Than Love’ has some chips of electric synth glinting beneath an acoustic guitar with some chungs of blue electric dub even later.

The voice is clear as honey and peacock-proud. And the hooks of the chorus will stay with you all week. It is a delightful song. Gifted, with passionately accurate production.

Glamorous and soulful dance-pop with cute-beauty, brillheaded vocals and production so sharp it cuts like a throaty

This brings ultimate satisfaction.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©




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