Tessera Skies Out Of Sight

Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) art-pop daydreamers Tessera Skies have announced the upcoming release of new single titled Out of Sight.

The sounds from the North East band comprising of Mark Broughton, Matt Hardy and Ben Helm have been compared to Guillemots or Beach House.

Tessera Skies - Ambient art-pop with a sensual voice...
Tessera Skies – Ambient art-pop with a sensual voice…

We listened to ‘Out Of Sight’ :

This is a tad brownish to start with, with curled vocals and driving rhythms that inhibit the brightness that surely follows.

And when the brightness does come, it does so in ripples of translucency.

Shimmering chords help to motivate the vocals (featuring Ditte Goard, backing vox) — these become larger and larger.

While guitar chords, strummed simply, create passion and feeling.

Drony and ambient art-pop with a sensual voice and creative musicianship that clings to you and pulls you down into its folds …

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/TesseraSkies/



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