Reptile Youth Are Away

Copenhagen (Denmark) band Reptile Youth have announced a new EP — to be released 8th June — Single Out May 4th.

After 200 shows Reptile Youth, the duo, broke up on April 2nd .

It seems Esben Valløe (the man behind new electro project Antonio Gram) wanted to go back to his roots (electro music) leaving Mads [Damgaard Kristiansen] free to continue with this project on his own.

Nevertheless, the duo remain committed friends and pledge to make music together and continue playing concerts under the Reptile Youth trademark. But Mads invited a loose-collection of artists, talents and compatriots to assist in the making of this new EP. And, by all accounts, the result is a unique and interesting amalgam of ideas and messages.

reptile youth rectWe listened to the ‘Away’ single:

The brisk beat and glassy background sounds reminded us of a milk-float travelling awkwardly across pebbles.

Bottles swing as the big wheels in the song clatter along.

Mads’ vocal is expressive and unquestionably supreme.

It extends and abounds — with a tremulous quality — above and beyond the confines of the production…

To uplift the listener with its spangly, spriteliness.

Mads’ vocal often reminded us of the vulnerability, consciousness and emotional sadness found in John Lennon’s voice… Although, needless to say, here it is accompanied by the vivacious energy of the mid-1980’s synth-pop sound.

By the 3 min mark we are ready to discover that this song is truly elegant and clean … With ice-cool piano,  persuasive long notes on strings,  bossa nova beats on conga, and of course, those glittering chiplets of synth that create the ideal dance-model.

This is elegant debauchery in chilled dreamwave form.

With thoughtful, succulent voice and pretty instrumentation — it’s sophisticated enough to draw you in — but never loses its natural and ever-giving dance-pop heart.

If Lennon had made synth-pop it would have sounded like this …

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©



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