MERPIRE Simulations

MERPIRE is the denotative identity of Sydney singer/songwriter Rhiannon Atkinson-​Howatt who develops enchantingly heavenly chromaticisms that arrive bundled with oodles of multilayered ‘n’ succulent harmonisations.

She’ll release her debut album “Simulation Ride” on 23rd July via Warner’s ADA.

moth-wings of voice become pavilions of sound…

The album is made of a collection of my favourite songs I’ve been writing for the past few years. James Seymour produced, engineered and mixed the album and I also helped produce it…” she says.


She’s already shared the lead single from the album “Village” (video shared below) which lyrically broaches self-doubt, comparison with others and the appreciation that one can’t be everything to “everyone.”

The song has a steady beat, an electro-plated guitar and moth-wings of voice that become pavilions of sound that launch within the prisms.  Magnifique! 

File alongside: Catatonia


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