The Best All Female Tribute Acts in the World

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

These days Tribute Rock Bands have become a subculture of their own, with their specific events, awards ceremonies and even special festivals.

Do not forget that many musicians cut their teeth on cover-songs , tributing their favourite acts,  to boost or kick-start their own professional music careers.

The best tribute acts recreate the most glorious moments in rock history and they maintain a durable common memory of our most treasured artists.

Perhaps, most importantly, they get people to come and see (and to engage with) live music.

All of the Tribute Acts on our list below have one thing in common. All the musicians  are female.

Here’s our list of the best all-female tribute acts in the world:

Black Sabbitch
Black Sabbitch

1:The All Female Black Sabbath

Black Sabbitch is the brainchild of Angie Scarpa (drums) and Blare N. Bitch (Guitar).

One night they decided to play some Sabbath and from the first downbeat of “War Pigs” they knew they had something special.

It was not long after this that these two Sabbathees, taking the name Black Sabbitch, decided to recruit their Geezer and Ozzy. Melanie Makaiwi (bass) was next to join. Followed by Aimee Echo for vocals.




Lady Zep
Lady Zep

2: The All Female Led Zeppelin

The girls of Lady Zep, based in Los Angeles, stayed up long into each night playing their stretched-out jams when they came with an ace idea . Why not do this for real?

So Melissa Jane, Leanne, Miiko, and Marija (all professional musicians with quality pedigrees) began rehearsing with a view to re-creating the Zeppelin songbook.

Now they play all across Southern California but make Sunset Strip their special home.




Ramonas Photo by Zig Criscuolo
Ramonas Photo by Zig Criscuolo

3: The All Female Ramones

London based punkettes The Ramonas featuring Cloey Ramona on vocals, Rohnny Ramona on guitar, Pee Pee Ramona on bass and Margy Ramona on drums are not just a cover band, but a truly sensational act in their own right.

Their combined wishes came true last November when The Ramonas played the Camden Underworld with Richie Ramone.

Their D.U.M.B album is selling well. The band will be featuring at this year Rebellion Punk Music Festival.




Allison Chains
Allison Chains

4: The All Female Alice In Chains

Allison Chains is the world’s only all-female tribute to the band, Alice In Chains.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Allison Chains brings heavy metal riffs, mesmerizing musical warps, and fascinating harmonies to the crowds, creating the obsessive and distressing sounds that placed the original Alice at the forefront of Seattle’s early grunge scene.

Caroline, Felicia, P-Nut, and Misai are four extraordinarily accomplished female performers who authentically recreate the anxiety, the anger, the melody and the fervour of the early 1990’s.





5: The All Female AC/DC

We love ThundHerStruck!

These girls from Los Angeles combine the raw power of AC / DC, with performances that are not only hard hitting but also totally electrifying and excitingly sexy.

Check them out at a show near you!

If you like the idea of an all-female AC/DC then you should also check out Hell’s Belles!




Iron Maidens
Iron Maidens

6: The All Female Iron Maiden

The Iron Maidens are probably one of the biggest bands on this list.

Los Angeles-based musicians Kirsten Rosenberg on vocals, Linda McDonald on drums, Wanda Ortiz on bass, Courtney Cox on guitar and Nikki Stringfield on guitar started out in 2001 with one purpose: To be the World’s Only Female Tribute to Iron Maiden.

The Iron Maidens cover material from all eras of the band’s career, including the biggest hits of the band, as well as all the fan favourites.





7: The All Female Kiss

The girls from PRISS promise they will rock and roll you all night long!

These talented musicians have been collected up from around the world. With Moa Henriksson on vocals/guitar, Andrea Zermeno on vocals/ bass, Jennifer Paro on lead guitar and Judy Cocuzza on drums.

Now based in Los Angeles (like lots of others on this list)  — these girls have created their own army of fans

Just like the real thing!




Judas Priestess
Judas Priestess

8: The All Female Judas Priest

New York City’s Judas Priestess are a phenomenon in rock!

Formed in 2009, this remarkable group of leather clad & multi-talented girl-rockers have stamped-out a fantastic reputation for themselves … earning respect from Judas Priest front man himself, Rob Halford.

In 2013, Judas Priestess welcomed a new guitarist to their fold, Rena Sands from Meanstreak.

Their fantastic line-up also includes the stunning vocalist MilitiA, and also Josette on guitar, Gyda Gash on bass and Hillary Blaze on drums.


Words: @neilmach 2015 ©

Agree?  Missed any off?  Let us know @rawrampmag




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