VOWWS— Heartbreaker

Australian duo VOWWS met while studying music in Sydney.

They played in a multitude of prominent experimental rock bands together and rapidly became fixtures on the underground music scene.

an itchy and scratchy scrapbook of whirrs and shirrs, mounting cataclysms and broken hearted vocals
The Great Sun – VOWWS

It didn’t take long for the duo [guitarist and singer Matt with keyboards and vocalist Rizz] to become fidgety however — so they moved to Brooklyn, New York in 2011 and it was here that they began to concentrate on writing music together.

Initially, Matt & Rizz shared many common thoughts and impressions, but they clearly had different working & writing styles — this left them at odds especially when fleshing out their vision.

Bit by bit, though, these divisions, struggles and chaotic chemicals began to bring dividends of their own … and even helped to define their sound.

At the same time, their friend, producer (and oft-times negotiator and intermediary) KEVIN MCMAHON helped capture the wonderful duality on tape.

They wrote and recorded throughout 2013/14, bringing together a collection of tracks that would become adebut album, The Great Sun. Released in October 2015, this album is a bespattered, grinding, swaying work.

VOWWS relocated to Los Angeles in 2015, where they are now based.

Their new single “Heartbreaker” premiered last week [below] — is an itchy and scratchy scrapbook of whirrs and shirrs, mounting cataclysms and broken hearts.

VOWWS are touring with White Lies this Feb. See poster [below sound]

For fans of Gary Numan …


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