DEAF HAVANA — All These Countless Nights

The new album from DEAF HAVANAAll These Countless Nights — has only been out 2 days and is already causing a sensation …

All These Countless Nights (Deluxe) - Deaf Havana
All These Countless Nights (Deluxe) – Deaf Havana

We had a listen:

The album starts with “Ashes Ashes” which has acoustic sentiments to start with… though the piece is elegantly orchestrated and kept in place by delicate piano. The framework is extravagant, the passion real. The vocals are emotive. And the guitars soaring.

The lyrics on “Trigger” hit-the-mark. The sound here is effusive reggae rock with climactic vocal ascents and remarkable emotionality.

Fever” grates on the senses [in a good way] and is far more angular.

The percussion on this one is a treat with big-bottomed bass wobbles adding to the bouncy buoyancy while a thin line of guitar traces the fervent vocal. Like other songs on All These Countless Nights, this is majestic & poetic yet also pleasantly rocky and sturdier than it first seems.

Sing” reminds us of the moody emotional upheaval we experienced  from post-grunge bands like Seether.

With plaintive angst-ridden lyrics and a rhythm that is so blistering it could actually be considered aggressive. The riffs here are tight and the vocal artistry amazing…

In conclusion: This is English alternative rock with vocals so heart-rendingly combustible they will start a fire in your heart…

The band are supporting PLACEBO across Germany in November and touring the UK this February.

Words: Neil Mach 2017 ©


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