ZACK LOGAN —Raised By Wolves

The Americana & country folk singer-songwriter ZACK LOGAN releases his debut album titled “Raised By Wolves” on August 3rd.

Zack does not really come from Wolverhampton, by the way, or anywhere else near the Black Country! He’s actually from Newton, Mississippi and now resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

He says he picked up the sounds of the South while travelling thru Mississippi via Tennessee & Texas.

Zack Logan – a crestfallen voice — of sugar maple and sandhills…

The new album was recorded in just two whirlwind days at Chris and Yoli Mara’s “Welcome To 1979” studios — the only recording studio in the world where you can track, cut and plate a disc, all on the same day.

So “Raised By Wolves” was cut to tape, completely live off the floor, with Zack on acoustic guitar and his band, consisting of an upright bass player & fiddle/mandolin player, creating a a 10-track song collection, with each true-hearted number retaining raw freshness and honest form.

The first single from the album: “Annalee” has abundant acoustic guitar and Zack’s trademark sad, crestfallen voice — of sugar maple and sandhills. Each note retains a sense of hope, but you know love is melting away in this unrealizable dream. This song  deals with the failings of the heart  — despite the best efforts and tribulations of a protagonist.

The title track “Raised By Wolves” has a heavy-hearted violin and an influential, long-faced sway. But this ain’t joyless or sullen. No, it’s a song that cherishes modest beginnings and looks ahead … with a glint in the eye and a tip of the hat… to take the listener on a dust-road towards encouraging prospects.

If you liked the songs on “Nashville Skyline” but prefer vocals to be less nasal, less croony, this will suit you well.

File next to: John Prine, Robert Earl Keen

Words: @neilmach 2018 ©

Catch ZACK LOGAN at : The Long Road Fest 7-9 SEPTEMBER, Lutterworth
HRH C.R.O.W.S 8th & 9th September 02 Academy, Sheffield

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