LEWiSBURG — Wasted / Clear The Air

LEWiSBERG — the dark-country band from North London that’s centered around the singer and songwriter Ali Robertson — with Julien Baraness (guitar), Alessandro Taglione (bass) and Adrien Latge (drums) — create melodic folk-songs that tend to be homesick with sensitivity.

LEWiSBERG – expressive, almost devout, vocals…

Their recent double A-Side “Slow Morning/Terminal” had “unhurried acoustic guitar, shuffle rhythms, a folkloric influence…” and was a “magical treasurebox of flavours…

Now they release another double A-Side: ‘Wasted / Clear The Air that was recorded earlier in the year at the band’s own studio in Haringey, North London.

Clear The Air” has a tangible thump and crystal strums. With massaging rhythms, jostled lead guitar and expressive, almost devout, vocals.

Wasted” [shared below] is a darkly psychological acoustic number, with unkept, wire-brush ratty-tattinness … But it’s not shabby at all, oh no! It’s actually a slice of Americana pie dressed-up in an elegant British billycock and parading its worthy intentions. Purposeful.

These songs are wonderfully conscious & beautifully crafted.

LEWiSBERG are currently putting the finishing touches to their EP due this autumn

Words: @neilmach 2018 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/lewisburguk/

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