LEWiSBURG — Slow Morning

LEWISBERG is a band from North London centered around the singer and songwriter Ali Robertson and with Julien Baraness (guitar), Alessandro Taglione (bass) and Adrien Latge (drums).

They describe their output  as dark-country — perhaps with a trace of blues — and say they are influenced by acts such as Phosphorescent, Eels and The Deep Dark Woods. The band creates melodic songs, homesick with sensitivity.

LEWiSBERG – the bitterness of tobacco & cinnamon-bark…

They have now released a double A-Side “Slow Morning/Terminal” that we recently listened to:

Slow Morning” is unhurried with acoustic guitar strumming and infrequent contractions from the ritzy electric guitar. The timid but fascinating song has shuffle rhythms, a folkloric influence, and sourish smoke-palace vocals that retain the bitterness of tobacco and the flavour of cinnamon-bark to remind us of Tom Waits.

Terminal” is a blingy, silver-hot, guitar-accompanied treasure box, and you will find it uniquely soothing yet, somehow, deeply distressing too due to its inhospitable and somber footprint. Magical.

Look out for “Wasted” to be released soon…

Words: @neilmach 2018 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/lewisburguk/

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