OUT BY NINE — From Ashes Comes Fire

OUT BY NINE are a Reading UK based originals rock band comprising of Alex Meaney – vocals, guitar, Wayne Hunt – guitar, Marcin Kalinowski – bass and Tom Collins – drums.

They came together over a shared love for guitar riffs and catchy melodies. They are influenced by artists such as REM, David Bowie, Free and The Verve and are famed, around town, for their mesmerising live performances.

A hectic joy, always boisterous with splendid voices & fabulous choruses…

Their debut full length album “From Ashes Comes Fire” is available now to buy and stream. We had a listen:

Road Less Travelled” has a familiar grizzly riff and an easy, head-nodding pace. The bass burbles like mud in a cauldron and the vocal glistens in the semi-darkness. This is stinky, liquid-hot, blues-rock played extra-strength and with a rough hewn edge.

The Mirror” has some electronic buzz-thingummys and a captivating guitar riff that wriggles like a piggy’s-tail around the smooth-as-butter voices. This is a hectic joy, always boisterous, with splendid vocals and a fabulous chorus. It has all the fizzle of dream pop, but without that joyless introspection and detached shoe-gazing you might find in other bands of the same ilk.

Butterfly Man” is a striking ballad with tension-filled imagery and an excellent performance that reminded us of The Turtles meet The Lightning Seeds. It is a sweet & abundant offering of sugar-coated confection. Yes, this really is sentimental excellence,  so you’ll need a sweet tooth.  And it’s abundantly commercial too.

The album concludes with the growling and rumbling “Bleed.” This has dark ‘n’ bitter shades and a blackened crust, even though it’s a fairly sing-songy song. It’s the kind of adult soft-rock you might find on “Tango in the Night” — in other words, it has all you might need: superlative drums, creative bass-play, hooky guitars and intoxicating harmonies… all this conveyed with a sad heart. Oh yeah!

This is a Brit-rock album based on good ole rock ‘n’ blues, with vocals so honeyed they will sweeten your brackish tears. A joy.

Words: @neilmach 2018 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/outbynineband/

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