PREP — Cold Fire feat. DEAN

London based R&B soulsters PREP — comprised of a hip-hop producer Dan Radclyffe, a classical composer: Llywelyn Ap Myrddin, a house DJ: Guillaume Jambel, and a notable singer-songwriter Tom Havelock — take their inspiration from artists like Steely Dan and Bobby Caldwell, and use quality session musicians to create a rich ensemble sound.

A zizz of summery keys…

This week they released the lead track from their ‘Cold Fire’ EP, out now. The track features singer Deantrbl :

We listened to “Cold Fire” —

It’s a bubbling buzz and fizzing zizz of summery keys and fan-faring synths, with the kind of bounce that makes you kick your heels and dance barefoot in the long grass.

This is a rewarding return to the summer of 1990. Think of Janet Jackson, Milli Vanilli and Paula Abdul as you sing-along.


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