Groenland The Chase

The Montréal (Canada) orchestral indie-pop outfit Groenland (led by vocalist Sabrina Halde with Jean-Vivier Lévesque — keyboards) have announced a string of European Dates [see below] to show-off their spangly new debut album ‘The Chase.’

Groenland - An incredible, deepened jazz-soul voice
Groenland – An incredible, deepened jazz-soul voice

We had a listen:

Our Last Shot’ is flickity-wristed with a cheerfully chortling piano.

The velvety warmth of that voice will quickly bob your tail.

It is as noble and sincere as Timi Yuro — with a husky, jolly spiciness  that will make you smile.

Even though this is a song about ‘Ending it…’

Superhero’ has twinkly guitar strings and a doleful harmonica.

The voice trembles conservatively (non-heroically). But soon, this song develops into something very solid. And very fruitful.

Immune’ has more frown-faced heart-ache than a final embrace with a loved one.

In fact, it seems that most of the sadness is held back behind the skirts-and-skirts of percussion and the rivulets of pounding-heart piano.

Of course, here, Sabrina reminds us of Adele. The tension grows slowly, with the portentously dark cellos …

And it is then that the voice really makes a grab at your soul. Turning it inside-out.

The title track ‘The Chase‘ has some eccentric percussive sounds. Then things get a bit more adult, as the orchestration becomes abundantly evergreen.

On this number, the voice is slightly ornamental (the arrangement is particularly strong) and so  it is like a silk cummerbund around the waist. Shiny, and almost incidental.

Basically, this album is a collection of clever folk-pop songs.

The centre-of-attention is, of course, that incredible, deepened jazz-soul voice.

But the artistry on this album also includes lush orchestration, a thorough understanding of quality accompaniment, and plenteous (perhaps even slightly indulgent) percussion.

Words:@neilmach 2015 ©

Photo Crédit — LM Chabot


Euro Dates:

04/04 Cowansville, QC // Église Emmanuel

27/04 Bourges, FR // Printemps de Bourges – Les iNOUïS

28/04 Frankfurt, DE // Nachtleben

29/04 Hamburg, DE // Volt

30/04 Berlin, DE // Auster Club

02/05 Münster, DE // Schnabulenz

04/05 Adelsdorf, DE // Kuckucksheim

06/05 Halle, DE // Objekt 5

08/05 Erfurt, DE // Franz Melhose

09/05 Cologne, DE // Wohngemeinschaft

12/05 Paris, FR // Les Trois Baudets

15/05 Brighton, UK // Paganini Ballroom (The Great Escape)

16/05 Brighton, UK // The Old Market (The Great Escape)

17/05 Amsterdam, NL // Paradiso Noord (London Calling)

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