Curxes Discover What You Want

Following on from their self-released singles “Valkyrie” “Spectre” and “Further Still”— Brighton/Portsmouth (UK) band CURXES [kurs-iz] are about to release their debut album titled “Verxes” – set for release 4th May on Strong Island Recordings.

VERXESWe have been listening to ‘What You Want’ taken from the Verxes album:

This has a familationship with almost every electro-pop number that you’ll ever have heard.

Yes, there is a sense of deja vu here … but you are not being robbed.

That melody might pulse and glow like others you have known, but you are not being tricked either … This is as fresh as the morning sun.

And that’s mainly because there are griffons nesting in the skirts of this number. And they are waiting, impatiently, to be let out.

First, they are discovered in those low stance vocals. Plummy and downcast to begin with — these soon spruce up.

And when they do, those astonishing vocals seem to invade the upper reaches of your mind, like lost spirits…

Oh yes, and then song this develops into something that requires attention. And you will let it devour you.

Quilted post-punk electropop entertainment, with fancy rhythms, intricate instrumentation and bewitching vocals.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©



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