Tokyo Taboo Return From L.A.

London duo Tokyo Taboo with Dolly [Laura Duckworth] on vocals — quickly gained recognition in the UK during their formative year [2013] for their unforgettable live shows and their ‘alternative approach’.

Currently on another trip to Los Angeles, to perfect their sound with new producer Noah Shain [Dead Sara] — the band will return to the UK in late spring to show-off their new material and promote the upcoming release of their ‘Leech’ EP at the Camden Barfly on the 3rd June.

Tokyo Taboo - A woo-woo ode
Tokyo Taboo – A woo-woo ode

Meanwhile, we have been watching the video ‘LA Love’ from their previous EP titled Porno Star:

This woo-woo ode to the city of L.A. has surprising gravitas given the bizarre nature of the performers.

The grinding and buzz is always present in the musicality on this number, as the go-getting drums and the incisive guitar-work suggest hard work and common industrial strength.

The voice is, of course, Tweety-Sweety … if not actually lisping then, at the very least, perfect in its cuteness.

Yes, everything works very well on this…

With thunderous guitars that gradually accumulate and that continuous sense of satire uttered in every quirky nuance

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©
Images: @radicalsnaps




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