Nicole Moudaber Releases Dub Material

Returning as label leader at  MOOD Records, Nicole Moudaber announces her upcoming release ‘Her Dub Material’ EP out THIS WEEK.

Her newest single, (found on the EP) may surprise some… It displays her love for deep, warm, fathomless bass.

Built upon an unswerving groove, this is perfect for those early hours. Accompanied on the E.P with remixes by Argentinian producer Guti, Spanish sensation Marino Canal, and English mastermind Alex Tepper, the ‘Her Dub Material’ EP delivers on all levels.

Gearing up for ‘Her Dub Material’ a fully-loaded North American tour is planned, with festivals and club appearances everywhere.

Nicole Moudaber -  The Beat regurgitates deep inside your skull...
Nicole Moudaber – The Beat regurgitates deep inside your skull…

We listened to “Her Dub Material” MOOD mix –

Crackly and scratchy, this wobbles like cartoon jelly on the trampoline.

The beats regurgitate deep inside your skull. It’s a low soft ride on a railroad of blancmange.

Immerse yourself into this mixture of gelatin and smooth-cream softness to gain long-lasting and almost irreversible mellowness.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©


Out exclusively on Beatport



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