The Great Escape 2015 Full Festival Report — Final Day

The Great Escape Brighton (UK) Full Festival Review DAY THREE 16th May 2015.

Saturday morning and the best of the weekend sunlight is yet to beam upon us… There’s a cold breeze though!

First we head to Queens Hotel on the seafront to see the Japan showcase and to catch us some Taffy.


Tokyo band Taffy have been around for a while now. But they have recently launched an EP in the UK, which is expected to help them increase and grow their profile in Europe

Front-woman Iris is basically your Debbie Harry

The songs are catchy, Britpop based punk style rock. Fun and foot-tappin easy.

Then, a quick run to the Paganini Ballroom to see the new Dutch band The Indien.

The Indien
The Indien

Rianne Walther on vocals and keys, with cute Janneke Nijhuijs on bass (& backing vocals) and ubre-talented Casper Talsma on guitar (Maarten on drums) reminded us of a better time …. Maybe the smokier era of ‘69 and Shocking Blue.

Those who had caught their earlier performance at the Dutch Impact show-case were back for more (and that’s always a good sign) and we were told by those (new) adoring fans that The Indien were one of the best bands of the festival. We’re glad we saw them.

Then a quick hike up the hill to the delightful old Brighthelm (the friendliest staff) to see the elegant, dressy-uppy goth who makes raw, natural sounds — Daisy Victoria.

Her second EP ‘Nobody Dies’ has received praise and acclaim left-right-and-center and we could see why. This was an accomplished set (both visually and musically) and extremely satisfying.


Moumoon is a very successful pop duo from Japan. Formed in 2005 — but new to us, we saw the band to at the Japan show-case at Queens.

The voice of Yuka was soft and warm, but she maintained a wonderful clarity, while Masaki provided some undulating rhythms that were strictly controlled. Their album, “Hello.Shooting Star” is available right now.

We stayed in the Queen’s for the five-piece Japanese rock-pop band Passepied.


This is basically a vehicle for incandescent keyboards maestro Haneda Narita. Haneda arranges and composes all the ‘scores’. Visual artist Natsuki Ogodaa provides lead vocals — their sounds are complex and efficient pop masterpieces.

Then off to Paganini again, this time for the one-woman band that is Vilde Tuv.

Her astral travel into fantasy lands really rocked our heads. Very meditative. We loved it.

Vilde Tuv

We also wanted to catch London rockers Zibra down at Patterns (the new name for Audio and, from what we could see, it was still being ‘done-up’.)

Their style of glitch-rock is is only now gaining approval and popularity. And we should soon see great things from the band …

Canada rock quartet de jourClose Talker’ played a big show at the Green Door Store.

Their Burnstick immediately grabbed us, with its soft textures, credible indie-rock moments and some good strong meaningful songs with great harmonies.

The Animal Farm show-case is always a high point of our Great Escape and this year was no exception.


This time the London label and production company introduced us to the super new rock band ‘Stillia’ at the Fish Bowl.

These youngsters from St Helens, Merseyside UK make some homegrown rock ‘n’ roll with sounds that combine the early Stones and Beatles mixed with something like Vaccines. They possess style, elegance, edgy nervousness and sublime song-writing skills (so you had better watch out Paul Weller … There are some new kids in town!)

After the Animal Farm show-case we had to run, trip and stumble back up that damn hill again to get to Hope & Ruin in time for psych, soul madness from VŌDŪN.

We loved the fire and theatricality (especially the drummery) and the truly mesmerizing mix of tribal thwackery and buzzed-out, growling rock.


A treat for ears and eyes.

We managed Liverpool’s The Vryll Society at the Green Door Store before lights out.

Their brand of liquid jams with complicated and dreamlike landscapes (like the Beautiful Faces) are buzzing with mystical and ever-more effervescent ideas.

Here were some quality 1960’s psychedelic moments (done well) which channelled Eastern ideas with Summer of Love electricity.

We returned to our room filled with Love in our Hearts… to soak our weary feet and to share fond memories.

What an incredible three days!

Thank you to all involved.

All words & Images: @neilmach 2015 ©

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VŌDŪN at The Great Escape 2015
The Amazing VŌDŪN at The Great Escape 2015

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