For Fans of Mogwai — New Single from the Cream of Devonshire — MATTHEW AND ME

Matthew and Me from Totnes, Devon, UK create alternative pop of a delicate nature… Serene and intimate at times — with an unnerving ability to enter the titanic and bold.

New single ‘Kitsune’ is another brave illustration of this, beginning sweetly with Matthew Board’s vocal riding atop a docile guitar mantra, before erupting into a gigantic chorus.

Recorded in the band’s home studio, the track was co-produced by Chris Bond.

Ineffably sweet
Ineffably sweet

We had a listen:

The voice is pure, unadulterated, untouched. innocence.

It remains in a kingdom of its own, just a few feet above the instrumental egg whites of sound that offer-up slightly sticky entrapment.

The pace presents only partial pigmentation, and, as the guitars begin to yawn and agitate… Jagged shapes seem to cut carmine air.

Ineffably sweet and gently harmonious pop that is able to transcend the mere mortal to provide a taste of the endless.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©
Photo Credit: Nat Urazmetova



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