Ravishment from DJ TONY MONOPOLI AND AJIBADE — The Banging Dance Floor Remix

This is the latest remix from Destiny’s Child former producer Tony Moore, a.k.a DJ Tony Monopoli.

This high energy version of the Los Angeles pop-funk fusion artist’s popular number will keep your body moving all night!

Cougar Love (Remix) - Single - Ajibade
Cougar Love (Remix) – Single – Ajibade

We listened to the Cougar Love Remix :

Where the cougars at…

This has deep wallowing pits of shadow… And rapid beats that tend to flick on/off faster than the lights in the hotel room.

The mix has more primed cunning than a cloud leopard cornering her prey. And ready to wrap her elegant limbs around it…

Here is emotionally mature catamount ravishment. Do not underestimate the power or cunning. Because it will lunge faster than a knife….

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/ajibademusic
Taken from the original on the ‘BAD BOY IN DISGUISE EP



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