New Single from TIM MUDDIMAN AND THE STRANGE — Rolling Stones

Tim suggests that if Fleetwood Mac had ever worked with Gary Numan in a darkened cave during the dying days of a global conflict… Then this is what the resulting sounds might have been like…

Tim Muddiman works here, with a group of talented artists, to create something that combines the sounds of wonderful blues guitar with the far darker twangs of a more oleaginous bass than we have ever heard before, creating something that is quite disturbing…

Something quite disturbing...
Something quite disturbing…

We had a listen:

Imagine Jabba is lurching around a stage and undulating to some murky black Bhangra sounds…

The pear-shaped bass-sounds are coming from his frequent yawns and the teetering quavers that ripple from his undercarriage.

That’s how bockety this is…

At about the halfway point, though, we get something that we could happily associate with the blues…  A sirenesque guitar break.

But otherwise, this is fantasy-land lush. Filled with unpredictable invention, impossible performance and uncanny inspiration.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©



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