Chilladelic Sounds from ZOLA BLOOD — Play Out

Hackney, London (UK) four-piece Zola Blood have announced new single “Play Out” as the follow up to their highly celebrated 2014 debut EP “Meridian.”

The last time RAW RAMP listened to the band, we thought that ‘Grace’ sounded like an “Invocation for holiness and mercy…

Meridian - EP - Zola Blood
Meridian – EP – Zola Blood

We listened to ‘Play Out’ :

Here is use of quick rebound.

And some shimmery synth… Perhaps to reflect & create a claustrophobic atmosphere for that voice to stretch out & into (it spreads like butterfat) —  so that it can be totally sentimental and pure.

Clever word-play too… This is luxuriously chilladelic.

More determination to be super-chilled moxy than a polar-bear trip to Pluto. In an ice-box…

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©

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